Pastoral Words -August 2017



Beautiful Truth


One of my favorite authors, poets, and spiritual leaders is Macrina Wiederkehr. In her book Grateful Heart she invites readers to pray: “O God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is!”


It is a challenging prayer to pray. It is even harder the seven day discipline she asks readers to practice. Each day, while thanking God: discover, name, and affirm one beautiful truth about yourself. Some folks find the prayer a difficult one. It is difficult because even the message of Christianity, an affirming and thanks centered faith, has somehow been reduced to self-denial. To be sure, there is a place for self-denial, but there is never a place for self-depreciation or any form of devaluing self.


God has given you life and made you perfect for living. I invite you to commit this prayer to heart and each day, as you give thanks to God, claim one beautiful truth about yourself.