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Jubilo Village

Jubilo Village is a planned affordable housing community located on the property of Culver-Palms United Methodist Church. Our partners, Community Corporation of Santa Monica has over 4 decades of experience in building affordable housing. 

Proposed Project Information & Location

Residential lot area is 42,535 SF; church 19,152 SF

Adding another floor increased the unit count by 17 units

95 affordable housing units mix:

45-One-bedroom units

25-Two-bedroom units


64 subterranean parking spaces for res; 63 for church (surface)

5 story (housing)

What inspired this project?

As we learned about the need for housing in this community, CPUMC responded to a call. The initial question was posed by a member of Upward Bound House (Would CPUMC consider building affordable housing for families transitioning out of homelessness?) and the need for affordable housing was affirmed by the City of Culver City. We learned from our Bishop that other UM churches in Los Angeles County and across the country have chosen to use some of their property for this purpose. After discussions in small groups, Church Town Halls, and Church Council meetings, we decided as a church family during last year’s Charge Conference that we do want to see affordable housing built on the church property. And, after much deliberation and a participatory process, a decision was made by the CPUMC Council to build completely new church facilities.

How will the new church facilities be funded?

Early in the long process of exploring this project, a specific framework was established. The framework includes the following foundational understandings:

CPUMC will retain ownership (title) of the property. Community Corporation of Santa Monica (Community Corp) will lease a portion of the CPUMC property to develop, operate, and maintain an affordable housing complex. Like any lessor, CPUMC has the right to use the money received from Community Corp (the lessee) in the manner that we deem appropriate, in consultation with the Annual Conference (California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church).The lease paid to CPUMC will include an amount sufficient for CPUMC to cover the cost of building and equipping new church facilities. The two building projects are separate. Community Corp will be responsible for the affordable housing project. CPUMC will be responsible for our new church facilities. The project CPUMC is planning will result in completed or “turnkey” church facilities; ready for use by the congregation for our ministries.

How long will it take?

Even when things go smoothly, a project of this type doesn’t move quickly. Unsurprisingly, the Covid-19 public health emergency has impacted the project timeline. It will take about a year to go through the city approval process. Once that has happened, it will probably take 12 to 18 months for Community Corp to secure the funding necessary. Sufficient funds will need to be raised by Community Corp for two purposes:

1. The lease paid to CPUMC

2. The affordable housing project which will be built on part of the CPUMC property by Community Corp

After the groundbreaking, construction can be expected to take 12 to 18 months to complete.

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